CRAIG CARTON – 8/22/16
WFAN host

“He doesn’t wake up every day jones-ing for a fix. I don’t think the same is true for Doc. I think he fights it every day, like a lot of addicts do. I think every clean day is a sigh of relief and a good day, but I think it comes with a lot of work.”
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NFL Network and NFL on FOX analyst

“I really do. From watching him this summer, watching him go through workouts, he’s got a great connection with (Allen) Robinson and (Allen) Hurns, he’s got a runner now in (T.J.) Yeldon, I think he’s continuing to mature. The key for them is to not be down big early. If you look at his numbers last year, he had great numbers in terms of touchdown passes and the whole deal. I think too many of them came when they were down two scores or more, so that doesn’t matter to you. So they’ve got to stay close and make those scores count.”
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FOX Sports college football analyst

“They had some great talent on offense, but it was in different places, and I think they played some guys probably before they were ready. And after Manziel left, for basically the last two years, they were breaking in new quarterbacks, whether it was first Kenny Hill, then it was Kyle Allen, then they were trying to see what Kyler Murray had. Now they get a guy in Trevor Knight, who, he’s not as good as Baker Mayfield. But he’s a grad transfer, and the biggest thing is he brings stability and leadership to the quarterback room – and that’s something they’ve been missing.”
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U.S. sprinter

“I’ve never been in that experience where you’re running by yourself. When you don’t have competition, sometimes it is difficult to run fast. I think we just had to be really focused on ourselves and getting the baton around and also running fast enough to make that time. I think that what had happened in the morning just lit even more of a fire and we just wanted to get it done.”
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JAY FEELY – 8/24/16
CBS Sports NFL analyst

“And I would say without somebody coming out and saying, ‘Hey, these are the circumstances, these are the mitigating factors, this is why he didn’t deserve a six-game suspension like other people have got and will get,’ I think it’s hard for the public to justify that.”
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FOX NFL analyst

“I think they’re going to struggle in the beginning of the year with the suspensions getting pressure off the edge, but I think they’re very, very strong in the tackle positions. I think (defensive coordinator) Rod Marinelli will find some ways to bring pressure off the edge that first month of the season that maybe you don’t see much down towards the back end of the season. But once DeMarcus Lawrence gets back in, I think he shores all that up.”
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Former Chargers DE

“Every team has that portion of it. It just happens more frequently with the San Diego Chargers. It’s also been a big PR deal when it happens. A lot of these things happen in organizations; they just find a way to work it out a lot faster.”
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