CM PUNK – 9/6/16
UFC fighter

“I had a fork in the road in 2011. Let’s say I took the left turn. I doubled back to the fork in the road and now I’m taking the right. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing that in life. . . . I’ve never viewed myself as any sort of celebrity. To me, I’m still a 15-year-old punk-rock kid from Chicago. That’s how I describe myself. I don’t look at myself as a celebrity. People are this invested in my fight, whether they love me or they hate me, it still kind of confuses me. But I just sift through all of it and just take the good out of it. I’m just doing my own thing.”
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Former NFL offensive lineman

“I’ll eat the same breakfast. My dream breakfast would be to have bagel and lox everyday but I can’t do that. Not good for me. So I end up having eggs, bacon and some sort of sausage. Right now, I’m doing chorizo. I make a little scramble and put it down. But then I immediately think about, ‘Okay, when am I going to the grocery store? What am I making for dinner?’ That’s something to do in the offseason every day. Almost every day.”
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TOM HERMAN – 9/7/16
Houston head coach

“He understood the game plan. He understood that in a lot of their coverages they’re going to leave their corners in one-on-one situations and that we’ve got big, strong possession guys. We’re not going to run by their corners, but if you give your guy a chance on a 50-50 ball, the odds are he’s going to come down with it. He took advantage of a lot of those opportunities.”
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TOM IZZO – 9/7/16
Michigan State head coach

“I only say that because (he’s) one of the best players to ever play the game. You’re not talking about just an average player. You’re talking about one of the best. Having Magic in our family, you can appreciate the Jordans and the Johnsons and the LeBrons and Kobes and KDs now, they’re kind of in a world by themselves. It would have made it more difficult. I do like college. I do enjoy it. But I do like pro ball too. I’m not one of those guys who says, ‘They’re not getting coached.’ There’s some unbelievable coaches in the NBA.”
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DAN FOUTS – 9/8/16

“So obviously his focus is on the Panthers tonight, but in the back of his mind, all the media are talking about, ‘Who is this guy? Where did he come from? And he’s replacing the great Peyton Manning?’ But in his mind, all that is really secondary to what he has in front of him – and what he has in front of him is very big. After what happened in the Super Bowl last year, that’s fresh on the minds of the Panthers, and it’s tremendous motivation for them.”
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NFL HOF offensive lineman

“And that’s what the Denver defense did in the Super Bowl. It’s one of those things where they knew the offense wasn’t going to win the game. Defensively, they were going to have to get it done and they did it. So I think that’s going to be a key tonight, to see how the guys handle it upfront that didn’t do very well against that Broncos pass rush in the Super Bowl.”
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