DEREK CARR – 9/12/16
Raiders QB

“My thought was, ‘Okay, he’s one-on-one, take a deep breath, have good footwork and don’t throw it out of bounds.’ That’s all I was thinking: Give him a chance because he’s so good. I just wanted to make sure I gave him a chance to make a play.”
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RYAN KALIL – 9/13/16
Panthers center

“I didn’t know how much of that was going on while I was playing the game because I was too busy trying to block some of those dominant guys upfront. But after seeing it, they definitely missed a few calls. It’s tough. I think Cam, he’s such an interesting athlete at his position that I think a lot of times people forget that even though he’s sort of this dominating, running, sort of big heavy ball player that he’s also a quarterback and that we got to treat him that way and protect him that way. But it’s happened before, and hopefully going forward they can do a better job of protecting him a little bit better.”
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CHRIS SIMMS – 9/13/16
Bleacher Report NFL analyst

“Was I blown way by Blaine Gabbert’s performance? Of course not. He did miss some throws, there’s no doubt about that, but they won the football game. He played smart football, for the most part. He probably could have thrown a pick or two, there’s no doubt about that as well. But also in his defense, there aren’t a whole lot of weapons in the pass game out there in San Francisco. There’s nobody keeping defensive coordinators up at night going, ‘Oh man, we got to double-team Jeremy Kerley.’”
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Giants CB

“Either it was the game plan that the coaches had in to where Josh would not travel with Antonio Brown, or you can look at is as he can only play one side of the field and he only feels comfortable on one side of the field. There’s ways you can look at it, but at the end of the day, it probably was the game plan. Whatever the game plan was, I just felt like it wasn’t the right game plan.”
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MIKE PEREIRA – 9/14/16
NFL rules expert

“If he’s down on the ground and the officials are told to get him off the field – that, to me, was the big breakdown that the league is not very happy about. The doctors on the sidelines can say what they want to say, but it should have been handled before that. And if they say it’s because there was 36 seconds left to go, then they’re talking out of both sides of their mouth.”
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Packers LB

“Those are two veteran quarterbacks. They’re good quarterbacks, in my opinion, so you have to prepare for both. It’s going to be a division game, so you know the sense of urgency is going to pick up. The energy is going to be very high. You’re going into a hostile environment, playing on prime-time TV, so it should be a lot of fun.”
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JOEL KLATT – 9/15/16
Fox Sports college football analyst

“So at times, he (will hold the ball even when he sees an open receiver). Sometimes he’s wide open and he kind of holds it (and looks around) to see (what else he can get). I grew up in an offense where you never go broke taking a profit. If he’s open, he gets the ball. So it’s odd for me to watch a guy like that play because he’s always looking for something bigger.”
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MIKE SILVER – 9/15/16
NFL analyst

“I know Jeff Fisher and have known him for more than a quarter century, and I know what his philosophy is. He believes – and this is the philosophy founded on the experience with Steve McNair, who was brought along slowly and had an awesome career, and others – he believes it’s better to have these guys absorb it, take a look, get thrown in in practice a little bit and then eventually be worked into the lineup. He’s doing what he believes is best for Jared Goff and for the long-term interest of the franchise, even as it possibly quarrels with what would be best for Jeff Fisher right now – because he certainly is under pressure to produce in his first year in L.A.”
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