Michigan State head coach

“We’re five years removed from that. I do believe that they watch film and understand the challenge that’s ahead of them. Wisconsin is 3-0, they’ve beaten LSU (and) played very well their last two games. I think they understand the challenge in front of them is current. But I think the culture has been established by the years past in terms of winning, winning close and winning at the end or challenging each other. But I think they live present day.”
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Giants safety

“He’s cool, laid-back, assertive – he has all the qualities a head coach needs to have. He’s a funny guy, he gets on you when he needs to get on you, praises you when he needs to praise you – he’s an all-around coach. He’s always around and easy to talk to.”
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Steelers WR

“I just want to play football at a high level. I want to compete against all the guys who think they’re the best and who are labeled among the best – because that’s what you want to do. If you want to be great, you got to compete against the great players and you want to perform against those great players. So I wish we had a chance to be on the same side a lot more and just get after it.”
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Chargers RB

“Obviously Keenan’s play speaks for itself. He’s just a phenomenal player, especially for us. He was a big part in what we do as an offense. So losing him was tough and then losing the game as well, just being up by so much and then playing hard and playing great for three quarters – and then the fourth, just kind of easing off the brakes, easing off the gas a little bit, that hurt us. That hurt us. It wasn’t a good feeling, but when adversity strikes, you have to overcome it.”
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DENNIS PITTA – 9/21/16
Ravens TE

“I think if there was any lack of confidence, I wouldn’t be out here. If I had to question it at all, I would like to think that I was smart enough not to go through with it. In my mind, I’m totally confident in it. I feel really good and feel like I’m able to move and run like I once used to. If that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t be in this position.”
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KONY EALY – 9/21/16
Panthers DE

“I’m just blessed that we have guys like that that can make plays and we have a lot of guys that can make plays like that. With Kelvin coming back, obviously he presents a different presence as his physicality takes over in the game as far as being an offensive guy. It’s going to magnify. It’s going to make us more explosive in this offensive system this season. You saw what we were able to do last year without him. Just imagine what we’re going to do with him.”
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TRENT GREEN – 9/22/16
NFL on CBS analyst

“The moment wasn’t too big for him. When he went in, he didn’t have big saucer eyes and (he wasn’t) nervous (or) having trouble with the snap count (or) guys jumping offsides because his rhythm was out of cadence. I didn’t see any of that. It seemed like it was business as usual other than the fact that they weren’t really asking him to do a lot other than manage the thing and not turn the ball over and use up the clock – and that’s what he did. (But) trying to get up to speed in a short amount of time is a tough task.”
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