Cardinals outfielder

“You look at it and say, ‘They’re going in a different direction. It may be time for me to go in another direction.’ While I’m super thankful and appreciative of how I was treated (during my time in St. Louis), it is fun to think about maybe a new opportunity and where my next set-up will be.”
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NFL Network analyst

“Sometimes you can get away with things in one season that you don’t get away with the next. They’re a deep-ball team, so New England played two safeties deep. We’re going to take the deep ball away, make you march down the field and be patient, (which is) something Carson Palmer isn’t necessarily always. So the lack of consistency on getting the ball downfield (is a problem). Last year, they got the big plays. They’re not getting them this year.”
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Clemson tight end

“It might have been last year. I think some (reporter) brought it up and Coach Swinney did not like it. He went off on this guy. I think ever since then, that word has not came up again, honestly. We’ve been winning all the games, all the non-top 25 games and stuff like that. I think that word is starting to disappear for us.”
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JONAH KERI – 10/4/16
CBS Sports MLB columnist

“We want to have those grudging respect kind of rivalries, the Carolina/Dukes, all that stuff. Maybe we’re going to get to that point with the Cubs eventually where they’re the lovable Cubs up until the point where they’re beating everybody’s brains in. All that stuff is okay with me, and I think it can be okay with baseball.”
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Bengals DE

“He had 10-plus touchdowns and made the Pro Bowl last year on basically that alone. I feel like that’s a piece that we’re looking forward to getting back whenever he’s back. Right now, we still have a lot of offensive weapons. We drafted very well.”
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Alabama DE

“So we’re just taking it one day at a time, especially when you’re playing an SEC-West opponent. It’s always going to be a physical, competitive game, so it’s just something you got to be ready for.”
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ANTHONY BARR – 10/6/16
Vikings LB

“It’s our turn now to go return the favor and play hard and get some results. . . . This whole experience has brought us real close. We’re kind of just playing for each other, playing for the guys that can’t play, and it kind of shows on the field.”
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BARRY CHURCH – 10/6/16
Cowboys safety

“The way they’re able to control the game with our running game and keeping us off the field, keeping us fresh, (has been great). Last year, I felt like we were out there for 70, 80 plays every game. This year, the max number of plays we’ve played, I believe, is like 62. So the way our offense is controlling the ball, it’s unbelievable. Their time of possession is pretty much crazy. We’re fresh when we go out on the field and we’re able to play a better brand of defense than we did last year. Now we just got to focus on taking the ball away.”
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