PHIL SIMMS – 10/10/16
NFL on CBS analyst

“I met him, so that kind of changes your thought process, too. Boy, he’s meant to be a quarterback. You can tell that. But he made three or four plays in the game from the pocket (that were) big time, (where he read coverages) and he immediately found the next guy deep down the field for some completions. (I was) very, very impressed with those plays.”
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WILL BRINSON – 10/10/16
CBS Sports NFL writer

“When Denver said ‘We’re going to double-team Julio Jones and you can try to figure out what you’re going to do after that,’ Matt Ryan and Kyle Shanahan said, ‘Okay, we’re going to play the short passing game with our running backs,’ and it actually worked pretty well. You saw Tevin Coleman take one to the house. They’re just both very nice, modern running backs capable of pounding yards but also picking up chunks in the passing game.”
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STEVE YOUNG – 10/11/16
NFL legend

“I don’t know what percentage (of people) are lefties, but that’s crazy. I think a lot of times coaches want to coach righties because they want to set up the plays, they don’t want to flop everything, they don’t want to flip everything. Why (there are) so few lefties, it’s crazy to me. It was always an advantage, I thought. Defenses are used to seeing righties. All of a sudden, they see a lefty come out, rolls lefty, goes lefty – they’re not used to it. I thought it was a huge advantage that people could take advantage of. So I wish there were more lefties. When Michael Vick comes around or anybody else that throws left-handed, I’m like, ‘Yes, give me some more lefties.’”
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TIM RAINES – 10/11/16
Former MLB outfielder

“If you look at the numbers, if you look at the things that I did on the field, it kind of stacks up with the guys that are already in the Hall of Fame. So I’m not sure why, but I have one more year left to find out of it’s going to happen or not. I have my fingers crossed. Actually, they’ve been crossed for the past three years, but this year a little more than others because I’m so close.”
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RAJAI DAVIS – 10/12/16
Indians outfielder

“To be able to execute that, that’s amazing. We actually had a lot of guys step up and have really good years. I know over six guys had career highs in home runs. Even Napoli had career highs in RBIs and home runs. So a lot of things worked out for us, and that’s a statement to the personnel we have over here, the team chemistry we have the coaches that we have. It’s really a compliment to them.”
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JUSTIN FUENTE – 10/12/16
Virginia Tech head coach

“I think as an offense and a defense and really as a team, we have learned a lot from that game in terms of managing our emotions, in terms of understanding what it means if we don’t protect the football. We were literally handing Tennessee the football at times. And also the discipline we’ve got to play with. We had some uncharacteristic penalties and just (didn’t play) winning football. I’m hopeful that our guys have learned the lesson of how important it is to take care of the ball, including Jerod and the running backs and receivers. As a group, we’ve got to play disciplined football regardless of the circumstances.”
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Former NFL RB

“We run the ball, we stop the run, the quarterback puts us in great positions, Russell Wilson is super special – but at the end of the day, the defense is so dominant. I still like them. I always like our shot because I see those 15 key guys just making plays play after play. So they’ve got a shot. Of course Russell is doing great things. Hopefully they put it together this year. (Christine) Michael has had a couple good carries, a couple good games. So they’ve got a shot to be special. But they’ve already got the guys there to do it. They just have to put it together.”
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ESPN college football analyst

“The ball’s in their court. They can shut up everybody by going to Bloomington, by going to Wisconsin, going to Ohio State, going to Iowa. They’ve got four road games left to have a chance to prove that they are a top-10 team. But as we sit here right now, based on some of the results and some of the games that we’ve seen, as much as Tommy Armstrong is improved (and has) a great group of receivers, I can’t say they’re a top-10 team right now.”
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