Giants defensive lineman

“Everybody just knew what (we had to do) and what had to happen. Coach McAdoo did an excellent job of preaching that all week, as well as Coach Spags (Steve Spagnuolo) and everybody on the defensive side of the ball. So we all knew what was at stake and what we had to do. There was no need for talking.”
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COBY FLEENER – 10/17/16
Saints TE 

“Hopefully we’ve kind of gotten that out of our system and can kind of learn from it and move on. But to start the season out like that, I think, kind of signals a lot of red flags to the media and everybody who gets to talk about this on a daily basis. It’s an easy storyline. I think the mature guys in the locker room had to lead the young guys and say, ‘Hey, it’s not the end of the world. Let’s just focus on what we can control.’”
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Jaguars WR

“Obviously I’m seeing a lot more safety help at times and things like that. For us, we have a pretty unique group as an offense as far as having so many playmakers between me, Marqise Lee, Allen Hurns and Julius Thomas. I think a lot of teams aren’t fortunate to have that, but we are.”
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JIM BOEHEIM – 10/18/16
Syracuse head coach

“Again, I don’t have any problem with any of this. This was the result and we accept those results. I just really feel bad (for the players). I just didn’t want to identify the players. It’s fine to identify me, fine to identify the program. We messed up in the eyes of the NCAA, and we have to face the punishment that we have to face. But I just would rather have not had to name the players involved in the individual losses. That’s all.”
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VON MILLER – 10/19/16
Broncos LB

“That’s what makes us a great defense with our secondary and our linebackers and stuff. But I don’t have any hard feelings toward Brock. We went through the same type of deal. I understand where he’s coming from. I understand the decision that he’s made. But it’s just going to be a competitive game. I played with Brock for three years, so knowing him personally on and off the football field, it just adds a little bit of flame to the fire whenever you’re going against a teammate that you played with before.”
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GARY PAYTON – 10/19/16
NBA legend

“I would want to play against Michael Jordan. I would want to play against John Stockton and Karl Malone and guys like that. I want to play against them and beat them, especially if I was up 3-1 and had an opportunity to beat them. That was in my era. You guys got to understand this is a different generation. These guys are together, they’re friends, they’re with each other a lot and they want to play with each other. That’s their preference in this era. If he wanted to go that way, then that’s his choice. It’s his choice to go there. So he might have not been happy with his situation. He might have said, ‘Hey, I want to try something new.’ That’s his choice. But in my era, I wouldn’t have left my team because I wanted to get a championship with my own team in my prime.”
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CHARLES HALEY – 10/20/16

“I want guys to (open up). Together we can search for help. I don’t have all the answers. I don’t have all the answers. But I can tell guys how I feel, how I felt, how I dealt with it. They don’t have to wait. They don’t have to wait until they get in their 40s or their late-30s before they figure this out. Like I tell these guys all the time, I was a grown man with a 16-year-old kid inside of me, screaming, kicking me in the butt, beating me upside the head saying, ‘Help! Help!’ I wouldn’t do it. That caused a lot of (bad things to happen).”
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RICH GANNON – 10/20/16
Former NFL QB

“I’m not being critical of Landry Jones. He’s only started two games. He’s 1-1 as a starter. I think he’s only thrown 55 passes in this league. He’s no Ben Roethlisberger. I’m not trying to beat the guy up, but we’re talking about a special player in Roethlisberger that does so much. That is an explosive offense when Roethlisberger is in there. I’m curious to see what it looks like without Roethlisberger the next couple of years.”
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