RYAN DEMPSTER – 10/24/16
Former MLB All-Star

“I just think it’s just a great story when you look at everything that’s gone into all of this. It’s a great story for both teams. Both organizations have gone a long time without that. I feel like either way it works. But with everything going into the season and all the expectations and these guys just embracing this target on their backs, to go out there and do everything they did, it really shows you that no matter how much so-called pressure or how much expectations that are on you, you can get it done. They’ve gone out there and played incredibly well.”
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DENNIS DODD – 10/24/16
CBS Sports senior writer

“In fact, in ’11 and ’12, they lost games in November and still won the national championship in the BCS system. So that is two very recent examples of proof that they can absorb a loss. It’s not ideal, but I think the committee has shown us that they, over everything, favor conference champions. It would take probably a major conference champion with two losses for that to even entertain the discussion.”
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KERRY HYDER – 10/25/16
Lions DE

“We just got to be able to bring that same enthusiasm and that same fight that we had at home. We’ve got to be able to take that on the road this week.”
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DEMECO RYANS – 10/25/16
Former NFL LB

“These are high-percentage throws, which are under seven yards. These are throws that NFL quarterbacks should be making. I think that’s part of the uproar around Houston because (there are) simple throws he needs to be making that he’s not making. He looks more comfortable (when they go up-tempo), but when they start to move slow and methodical, it’s just not there for him.”
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JONAH KERI – 10/26/16
CBS Sports MLB analyst

“I’m sure they’ll go back in the offseason and really try to rebuild his swing and his confidence. Those are mechanics issues that are tough to answer from a distance. But they’re trying to win right now. . . . Their attitude is ‘(The money is) spent. It’s a sunk cost, in economic terms. Who really cares if Jason Heyward is playing or not? We’re just trying to win our first World Series in 108 years. Jason Heyward is not our best guy in right field right now. So be it.’”
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JEFF PEARLMAN – 10/26/16

“He played in Mississippi and missed his sophomore year with mono and was a starting quarterback the last two years. He had a great arm, but his dad was a Wing-T, wishbone-type coach, and he wasn’t a guy who changed systems. So Favre probably averaged four to five throws a game as a starer. People refer to him as a lightly recruited prospect. That is an exaggeration. He was unrecruited – completely unrecruited.”
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JARVIS LANDRY – 10/27/16
Dolphins WR

“I don’t want to say I put two and two together, but getting that text message kind of came as no surprise. Though we lose a leader in our locker room and a great football player, I’m just happy that he was able to walk away from the game on his own terms.”
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Bills DT

“The contract is one thing, but I love this sport. I love what it’s done for me. I love what it’s done for my family. I love the people it’s put me around. The contract is one thing and my organization is another and my ownership is a completely different conversation. But I’m just excited to be back. I’m excited to get going. They know what they have, they know what they invested in, and I just really want to do the best I can to earn back their trust and their respect.”
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