SETH ROBERTS – 10/31/16
Raiders WR

“I’m just thankful for our organization, especially the guys I suit up with everyday. We go to practice and we scheme up for these other (teams). It’s a great feeling just to win away and be in Florida for a whole week and go 2-0 and come back with Denver on Sunday. It’s a great feeling.”
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JEFF PASSAN – 11/1/16
Yahoo! Sports MLB insider

“To me, it doesn’t change the luminescent player that he was and the huge personality that he was and the loss that baseball is suffering because of it. Are people going to sit there and say, ‘What was he doing on drugs in a boat driving – I don’t know if he was driving or not, but someone driving – at high speeds?’ Yeah, of course they’re going to. The fact that substances were involved there, to me, doesn’t change it at all. He’s not coming back and I don’t think his legacy is tarnished by any means by this. I just look at it like a sad note to a situation that was already sad enough already.”
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KEVIN SUMLIN – 11/1/16
Texas A&M head coach

“I think the way our team’s handled things from the beginning of the year, when the narrative was completely different and a lot more negative around this program, guys went to work on a week-to-week basis and blocked things out. I don’t see that changing even with the events of yesterday.”
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Former NFL DE

“It’s not like Norv Turner in San Diego where he called all the shots. Even the practices were geared toward the offense when he was in San Diego. If the defense had a great day, it was a bad practice. If the offense has a great day, it was a great practice. If he’s not the head coach and he doesn’t make the rules, you would expect Coach Zimmer to go to him and say, ‘Hey, you need to adjust your style.’ And if (Turner didn’t adjust his style), then I can see them making those adjustments and him maybe stepping down.”
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ROB NEYER – 11/3/16
MLB analyst

“That doesn’t mean to suggest that the Cubs and Indians drawing these great ratings isn’t good on some level for the game or the game’s general health. I think it is, but I think the impact is still relatively small.”
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BEN GOLLIVER – 11/3/16
SI writer

“How often do we talk about a guy like DeMarcus Cousins in Sacramento, where it’s deja vu year after year and they’re struggling to get to 30 years. Of course the frustration would accumulate, and that’s really been the story in New Orleans. So many things have gone wrong. The coaching change that everybody thought would help take them over the hump really has backfired. If you look at the Omer Asik deal – just a complete mess. Just a terrible signing. I wrote that as soon as it happened. It’s played out exactly like that.”
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