Dak Prescott, in case you’ve been living under an NFL rock, has had himself a mighty fine rookie season. Through eight games, he’s completed 66.5 percent of his passes for 2,020 yards and has 16 touchdowns (12 pass, four rush) to just two interceptions.

“He’s tremendous,” former No. 1 pick and current NFL Network analyst David Carr said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “He’s done what veteran quarterbacks would like to do. It’s funny. We watch it every week and we kind of wait for him to make a mistake or we wait for him to mess it up. But with his skill set and playing in a big arena in college – that can’t be understated either. He’s played in some big environments. There’s some noisy teams he’s played against, some hostile crowds. So it’s not too big for him. I love his overall just demeanor and the way he goes about his read progressions.”

Indeed, Prescott is a major reason why Dallas (7-1) has won seven straight games. The offensive line has been great, and Ezekiel Elliott has been great, yes. But so has Dak Prescott.

“What they ask him to do and the guys around him, we could talk about that forever,” Carr said. “But I think the biggest thing that he brings to this team is 1, when he gets to the end of his progressions, there’s no panic. There’s, ‘I still have this hidden asset, that I can step up, I can buy time and still remain a passer, our offensive line is great, I can step up and run for hidden yardage.’ Quarterback running is often, especially on pass plays – if a (quarterback runs) for a first down, no one cares. But if you can get a quarterback to run for two or three first downs a game, that puts your team over the .500 mark for the most part. Those are hidden yards that a young quarterback coming into the league has the presence of mind (to make).

“Now granted, he’s made his mistakes,” Carr continued. “There’s things that we can show every week on our show back in the NFL Network that he still struggles seeing. A lot of these things, he hasn’t seen before. He’s forced some things down in the red zone, but things happen fast down there. The field is twice as wide as it is deep, so you got to kind of spread them out, and the game just happens faster down there. If I had to nit-pick the kid, he just doesn’t have the experience – and duh, he’s a rookie. That’s going to come. From what I see, with what they’ve done from Scott Linehan to Jason Garrett, those guys get it and they know what they’re asking him to do. It’s not rocket science out there. It’s simply zone concepts. The offensive line is great, Zeke has played outstanding, and (Prescott) is taking full advantage. It’s a lot of fun to watch.”

As for Tony Romo, Carr believes the Cowboys will stick with Prescott – unless he struggles several weeks in a row.

“That’s the only way I see it happening,” Carr said.


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