HEATH EVANS – 11/7/16
NFL Network analyst

“But I just don’t ever think the way to go about challenging your team or calling out an aspect of your play or of your execution or of the game plan is ever in public. If I was Aaron, I wouldn’t have been baited into a question that way. It’s his job. He’s the captain. Everyone said for years now he’s the best quarterback to ever play the game. He better find a way to start playing like it.”
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IAN EAGLE – 11/7/16
CBS play-by-play announcer

“So everybody who had bought in a little bit in the firs month of the season had gotten off the bandwagon and just assumed, ‘All right, this is what he Ravens are, and they’re mediocre.’ I think yesterday was a big statement for them, a big moment for them and maybe a jolt of confidence that they believe they can go out and win this division.”
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Chargers CB

“I’m not trying to compare us to any other team or (say) we should be right here and there. I love my team. I’m confident that we can win every Sunday with my football team. Even with the injuries, we have young guys that just come in and have fun. They’re playing in the NFL. We just probably signed them two weeks ago at certain positions. We don’t pay attention to this guy is out, that guy is out. We just have fun together. I think that’s been the best thing about this season. Like I said, I’ll take my guys every Sunday.”
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MIKE PEREIRA – 11/8/16
FOX Sports rules analyst

“You can’t excuse the crew for the whole delay-of-game situation. That was so crazy to me that I woke up this morning and said, ‘It can’t be that bad. I’m going to go time this. Maybe the play-clock operator only put 25 seconds on the clock after the spike instead of 40.’ Well, that wasn’t the case. They did put 40, and it appears they had trouble getting the kicking ball in. That, to me, was a huge mistake by them, but I’m leaning to the camp that Richard Sherman didn’t do anything wrong.”
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Former NFL players

“UCLA recruited me really hard. Ultimately, I just felt more comfortable and thought UCLA was a better fit. But it was so fun to be a part of. It was just an awesome experience to play in those games.”
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NASCAR driver

“It’s one of those situations where you just want to go out and vote and do what’s right for you. Everyone’s going to have an opinion, and look, I love to debate things and listen to other people’s opinion. But it’s hard in today’s day and age just for the fact that some people really don’t want to have a conversation. They just want to slam you for what you think and what you believe in and what you do. But that’s the great part about our country. Everybody has the right to do what they think is right, and it’s a great country to live in.”
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CBSSports.com NBA writer

“But what it came down to ultimately is Dwyane Wade is going on 35 years old,” Skolnick continued, “and a three-year deal when the Heat are sort of looking to reload with big-name players, it became complicated to commit that much money to Dwyane. And on the other hand, I understand Dwyane’s perspective entirely, which is that Dwyane felt like he sacrificed for the franchise repeatedly and he felt that he shouldn’t be put off to the corner and told to wait while the Heat pursued (Kevin) Durant and while the Heat locked up (Hassan) Whiteside. So I think fans are pretty split here on who they blame for the departure.”
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DAVID CARR – 11/10/16
NFL Network analyst

“He’s done what veteran quarterbacks would like to do. It’s funny. We watch it every week and we kind of wait for him to make a mistake or we wait for him to mess it up. But with his skill set and playing in a big arena in college – that can’t be understated either. He’s played in some big environments. There’s some noisy teams he’s played against, some hostile crowds. So it’s not too big for him. I love his overall just demeanor and the way he goes about his read progressions.”
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