Given how well Dak Prescott has played this season – and given that Tony Romo has officially accepted his role as backup – you would think that Romo’s days in Dallas would be numbered, especially given his $24.7 million cap hit in 2017.

Well, Jerry Jones seems to think otherwise. The Cowboys owner believes that Romo will be in Dallas next season, that he has five good seasons left in him and that the idea of trading him to another team is “not a consideration.”



“I think Jerry is basically laying out a possibility where Tony Romo could stay and be with the Dallas Cowboys, which seems very hard for all of us to believe,” MMQB guru Peter King said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “But look, there’s no reason whatsoever for Jerry Jones to set the stage for something to happen in the offseason that you might have to take back. So the only thing that Jerry Jones should be doing right now is saying, ‘I think Tony Romo is going to win a Super Bowl. I think he’s going to be a good quarterback for a long time. I think he can stay in Dallas.’ That’s all he should be saying. Because anything else he says – if he says, ‘Yeah, we’ll entertain offers in the offseason,’ what happens if Dak Prescott plays lousy and throws four interceptions each of the next two weeks? Nobody can see that happening, but what happens if it does and then they put Romo in? Then Jerry’s going to have to take it back. Why should you say something that you might have to take back? Maybe there’s only a 20 percent chance he’d have to take it back, but he might have to take it back. So the best thing to do right now is to tell everybody, ‘Rah rah, Romo! We love him, we think he’s going to be great well into the future, and we hope he’s great well into the future for the Dallas Cowboys.”

Although Prescott has led the cowboys (8-1) to eight straight wins – and has looked mighty impressive while doing it – Gottlieb wonders what teams around the league think of the Cowboys’ situation. Prescott has earned the right to be the starter, yes, but does he actually give Dallas the best chance to win?

“It’s a moot point, isn’t it?” King said. “I would just ask you this question, Doug. Suppose you got a high ankle sprain at Oklahoma State and Joey Wonder Boy came into the lineup and averaged 24 points a game for 10 games, and all of a sudden you’re ready to go. Joey Wonder Boy is going to continue to play because you’re winning games and you’re not going to take him out of the lineup. And obviously basketball is a little different. You make substitutions, but in football, you don’t. So look, if Dak Prescott down the stretch loses three or four games and plays poorly, Romo’s going to play. But until that happens, he’s not going to. As to who Jason Garrett would think would be a better player in the first playoff game in January if that becomes the question, at that point, assuming that Prescott finishes (somewhere around) 13-3 and (is) playing somewhat the way he’s playing right now, there’s no way I would put Tony Romo in after not playing for a long time, (especially) after being injury-prone when he did play. So I don’t really think Romo in any case would have much of a case to play.”


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