According to reports, Jimbo Fisher is atop LSU’s coaching wish list. But that, of course, does mean that the feeling is reciprocated.

Is LSU a better job than FSU?

“It’s a good question,” CBS Sports college football analyst Jon Solomon told Damon Amendolara, who was filling in as host of CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “You could look at it two different ways. At Florida State, Jimbo Fisher has a better opportunity to more consistently win national championships. You’re not competing against Nick Saban in the same division. You don’t have as many talented teams in the ACC as in the SEC, so it could be easier if he stays. On the other hand, it all depends on what he wants to do. He’s been in the SEC in the past, including at LSU, so it could be that he really wants this challenge to go to the SEC. And if you go to the SEC and you’re someone like Jimbo Fisher, you only want to go for a really good job, and LSU is about one of the best jobs in the SEC there is.”


Texas, meanwhile, will reportedly part ways with Charlie Strong following this Saturday’s game against TCU. While the Longhorns will likely make numerous inquiries in search of their next head coach, Houston’s Tom Herman figures to be the leading candidate.

“Tom Herman seems like he’s the most logical choice for them given his background there,” Solomon said. “He used to coach there, he’s recruited in the state so heavily, and he just has that look of a coach who could – emphasize could – become sort of the next big thing and compete for championships. So it makes a lot of sense. It wouldn’t surprise me, though, for them to go out and at least take some feelers to see if some high-profile coaches are interested in the job – maybe even a Jimbo Fisher. But Texas is sort of in disarray with their administration, with their boosters. They made a run at Nick Saban a couple years ago, and it’s very disjointed there. I don’t know why a real proven, elite head coach would go to Texas right now given the situation there. . . . It’s still not a job, I think, that should be as good as what it should be. When you’re recruiting in the state of Texas, when you have the money and the resources that that school has, it should be a really high-profile job where you can get pretty much the best of the best.”

Looking ahead to this weekend’s showdown between No. 2 Ohio State (10-1) and No. 3 Michigan (10-1), Solomon believes the game hinges on Michigan’s ability to control the line of scrimmage.

“I think their offensive line has been really hit or miss, and it isn’t as talented as it probably will be in the future under Jim Harbaugh,” Solomon said. “Can they establish the run, set up some play-action and give (John) O’Korn some time and some comfort back there? If they can run the ball – and sort of have the Michigan State game plan like they did to Ohio State last week and almost pulled off the upset – then I think they’re competitive and they can be in this game. I think Ohio State probably is the more talented team, but Michigan is the more experienced team. So that’s really the interesting play between these two teams.”


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