SCOTT DREW – 12/5/16
Baylor head coach

“This is the tenth straight year we’ve been ranked, and to me, that’s a great compliment for our players that have been here. To be able to at some point in the last 10 years be ranked each and every year shows a culture, shows that guys really care about the program. But I’m not going to lie: Being ranked No. 1, that’s a dream for anybody, no matter when it occurs.”
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BOB HUGGINS – 12/5/16
West Virginia head coach

“People get all hung up on playing on the road and playing before sellout crowds, and we kind of heard that going into Virginia. But (fans) can’t block a shot, they can’t make a steal, they can’t make a free throw, they can’t make a goal. So I don’t know why somebody standing there screaming at you would bother you. That’s kind of the approach that we’ve always taken with our guys: Let’s just go play. It’s still them against us. We’re not playing 14,000 people. We’re still 5-on-5.”
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JAY WRIGHT – 12/6/16
Villanova head coach

“It’s a challenge for all of us – even me, at 54. We learned that being No. 1 last year. Whole new challenges come with that, so it’s something we address all the time. That is our enemy as much as the opponent is. It’s the disease of me. We actually use that term, and when it comes up, we address it. It takes the discipline of the assistant coaches addressing it, but it takes the character and the intelligence of the players to accept it, listen to it and respond to it.”
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Penn State running back

“The reason why we wanted to come to Penn State is we wanted to be a factor of why Penn State is Penn State again. You can’t come up short. That’s what kind of kept me going (in the Big Ten Championship). We always talk about not what Penn State was, but what Penn State is. That started with winning the Big Ten Championship. That’s the reason why we wanted to come to this school. It’s special that your name (is remembered) and you’re going to be part of that team that’s going to be hung up on that stadium forever.”
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DARYL MOREY – 12/7/16
Rockets GM

“I think even he said, ‘Hey, I’m not the strongest defender.’ But if you compare him to the high-usage, offensive-burdened superstars, you’ll see he’s right there with almost all of those players in term of his defense. His on-the-ball defense is very good. His ability to create turnaround plays is very good. And people don’t realize defensive rebounding is a big part of defense, and he shores up a lot of our positions where we don’t have strong defensive players.”
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Packers QB

“We’ve had a couple of those games with them, that, ‘disappointed finishes’ is kind of an understatement. But when we look at this team, we just look at the film from this year and focus on those things and those memories are always going to be with you, as are the incredibly exhilarating and exciting ones. But yeah, there’s been some pretty epic games over the years against these guys.”
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ALBERT BREER – 12/8/16 senior NFL reporter

“I think the timing of the news breaking over the weekend is interesting, but I don’t think anybody should take that as a deal having just been done now. Those deals have been done for a while and I don’t think they have that much effect on what’s going happen when we get to the end of the season.”
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