The Washington Redskins have crumbled the last few weeks dropping three out of their last four games and essentially falling out of the playoff race at 7-6-1. There have been many issues on the field that have resulted in the team losing winnable games but with the playoffs out of reach, the Redskins need to assess the upcoming decision on how to handle Kirk Cousin’s impending free agency. Cousins is currently under the franchise tag. He can be placed under the franchise tag again but many Redskins faithful, including Joe Theismann, are hopeful that a long-term deal can be reached.

“I am still all in on Kirk Cousins.The Redskins have relied so heavily on Kirk and they put everything on his shoulders,” Theismann said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “If you franchise me one more year and I’m Kirk Cousins, what do you need to see from me that tells you that I’m a quarterback? Really, how much more do I have to do to show you that I’m capable of being your quarterback? I think you have to sign him. It’s all a matter of the guarantee, the length of the contract and the injury guarantee – those are the three things you have to deal with.”

Cousins has put up phenomenal numbers despite the Redskins’ recent collapse. Generally, the quarterback feels the burden of losing most by the media but Theismann doesn’t believe that the blame should rest on his shoulders. Instead, he believes a lot of the rest of the team, especially the defense, has missed opportunities and there have been major letdowns in the kicking game as well. The Redskins have prioritized investing on offensive talent over defensive talent but this offseason presents a chance to reconfigure their money on the other side of the ball after resigning Cousins.

“I think they’re very fixable. I don’t think this football team is far away from being a pretty darn good football team,” Theismann added. “Obviously, I think the safety position has been an issue the last couple of years, I think that needs to be addressed. We were never a big defensive front, we’re more athletic up front than anything else. I think from a wide receiver standpoint, you’ve got Pierre and DeSean and both of them will become free agents. You have to settle the Kirk Cousins financial situation to address the other situations on the football team. Then you figure out what kind of money you’ll have. They have twice as much money invested on the offensive side of the ball, roughly $83 million, versus $43 million on the defensive side and that’s going to have to change.”


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