With their playoff drought reaching 17 seasons, the Buffalo Bills fired Rex Ryan on Tuesday less than two years into his tenure. Ryan went 15-16 in 31 games with Buffalo. He lost six of his last nine games, went 1-7 against teams that currently have a winning record and is 61-66 in his career.

Will Ryan, 54, ever get another head-coaching job in the NFL?

“Well, I never want to say no because there’s enough people who are desperate in this game to try to retread him one more time and say, ‘Oh, he only got two seasons, it was an unfair situation in Buffalo,’” Bleacher Report NFL writer Jason Cole said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “But that (loss to Miami on Saturday) was such a microcosm of Rex’s career because not only is it the 10 men on the field – and it’s great that you came out and took responsibility for it and owned up to it like a man – but why did it happen in the first place? That stuff just should not happen if you’re really on top of your details.”

Ryan wasn’t. He and his players also displayed poor clock- and game-management skills in Buffalo’s 34-31 overtime loss to Miami, burning timeouts and punting when punting didn’t make much sense. Ryan’s conservative decision on 4th-and-2 from his own 41 led directly to Buffalo losing a must-win game. It also cost Ryan his job.

“It was such a bad strategy that it just encapsulated everything that Rex has done and how many games he’s blown along the way,” Cole said. “Even when the players buy in, he does things to undermine himself. That, to me, was more of an indicator of why I would never hire Rex as a head coach again.”

In other news, the Dallas Cowboys do not plan on sitting Dak Prescott this Sunday, despite the fact that they have already locked up the top seed in the NFC. Wouldn’t the Cowboys be better off sitting Prescott and playing Tony Romo against Philadelphia?


“Look, they have a Super Bowl within reach realistically,” Cole said. “You know that Prescott is still a rookie and there’s a very good chance that somewhere in one of these games, particularly a playoff game, he can have a meltdown. It could happen. We’ve seen this kind of thing happen. Roethlisberger, when he played against New England his rookie year, he got hammered in that game. They took advantage of him in that one. So you may need Romo to play in one of these games. Why not at least get him a dozen snaps, 15 snaps, five or six throws, just to feel the game again? You hear Jerry Jones talk about it’s not worth an injury; well, is it worth winning a Super Bowl? I know people are talking about, well, they’re trying to protect his value for a trade. I don’t care about a trade; I care about winning a Lombardi Trophy. That outweighs any trade in the world that you can possibly have.”


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