The Buffalo Bills have already gotten rid of Rex Ryan, and Tyrod Taylor may be next. The Bills (7-8) will start EJ Manuel this Sunday against the Jets (4-11), as Taylor may need groin surgery.

The worst part? It could cost the Bills $30.75 million. Indeed, if Taylor is unable to pass a physical by March 11, his contract becomes guaranteed and Buffalo is on the hook.

The dumpster fire continues.

“It’s fascinating,” CBS Sports NFL senior writer Will Brinson said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “So you look at what happened with the Bills, I like to call this sort of a Kaepernick-ing – because remember, Kaepernick wasn’t able to pass his physical and the 49ers end up having to pick up the option on him. You run into a situation where an injury doesn’t allow you to pass a physical. In that case, the Bills would be required to pick up the option on Tyrod Taylor – $27.5 million – and if you add in the 2018 money, you get above $30 million. It’s not a crazy amount of money you have for him, but…”

That’s when Gottlieb interrupted Brinson. Thirty million dollars isn’t a lot of money? Gottlieb asked. For Tyrod Taylor?

“Over the two years,” Brinson said. “Even if you give up the $40 million for two years with Tyrod Taylor, he’s an above average quarterback.”

But is he?

“I think so,” Brinson said.

Taylor completed 61.7 percent of his passes for 3,023 yards, 17 touchdowns and six interceptions this year. He also ran for 580 yards and six touchdowns. Those are okay numbers, but Taylor, Gottlieb insisted, is not a top-15 quarterback. He’s mobile and he’s cut down on his turnovers, but he’s among the bottom third of NFL quarterbacks – and $40 million for two years is too much.

“I think the larger point to me is that (general manager) Doug Whaley is a guy that has survived an ownership change – and he’s terrible,” Brinson said. “He drafted EJ Manuel.”

Gottlieb and Brinson agreed wholeheartedly on this one.

“He couldn’t get along with Doug Marrone,” Brinson said. “He can’t get along with Rex Ryan, who gets fired. He’s the guy who hired Rex Ryan. So he must have either incriminating evidence on his boss, or he’s just the smoothest guy in meetings when it comes to chatting people up. Tim Graham of the Buffalo News did a great breakdown of the entire NFL as it related to number of draft picks on a team’s roster, and Buffalo is dead last by a longshot. He’s been a bad GM. People talk about some of the free-agent signings and that’s great, but he can’t identify coaching talent and he can’t identify draft talent and the Bills haven’t made the playoffs in 17 years. It’s a no-brainer to me if you’re the Pegula family that you blow it all up – and I mean all of it – and you start over and you build from scratch. The Tyrod Taylor stuff, to me, is secondary to the Doug Whaley problem.”


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