John Lynch has never worked in an NFL front office, but he’ll get an opportunity to do just that in San Francisco. The 49ers announced Sunday that Lynch, who played 15 NFL seasons and won a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay, will be their next general manager.

Lynch, 45, had spent the last seven years as a game analyst for Fox Sports. Instead of evaluating teams, he’ll now try to build his own.

Can he?

“Well, first of all, you have to have great intelligence – and John Lynch has that,” NFL analyst Ron Jaworski said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “You have to have a football background at a very high level, and John Lynch has that. He’s an educated man, and that’s very important. But I think the most important thing – and not everyone will agree with me – but I think John Lynch will raise the level once again. (He’s) a guy that played the game at a high level, understands what it feels like to be around the team, understands the camaraderie of building a football team.”


That’s important. Not necessary, but important.

“There are a lot of brilliant guys that run teams in the National Football League and never played a down – and they do a great job,” Jaworski said. “I’m not denigrating those guys. My personal belief is if you have a guy that understands what football’s about, that can walk through that locker room and garner the respect of the guys in that locker room as a general manager, that goes a long way. John will make a lot of decisions based on gut feeling. He’s been around this game his entire life. (He’s) a guy that’s committed his life to being a player, an analyst and now a general manager. I think (that) gives him an opportunity to have great success. I love the wisdom of Jed York making this decision.”

The 49ers, who reached the NFC Championship every year from 2011-13, are 7-25 over the last two seasons.

Sticking in the NFC, Jaworski weighed in on Tony Romo, who figures to be on the move this offseason. Romo has played in just five games over the last two years and turns 37 in April.

“Wherever Tony Romo goes, there’s going to be high risk,” Jaworski said. “I’m a big Tony Romo guy. I think this guy is one heck of a football player. But at this point in his career, he just can’t stay healthy. No matter where he goes, a team is going to have to take that risk.”

That includes, potentially, Denver and Houston.

“There will be some teams taking a good hard look at Tony Romo, but no matter what happens, you’re just not going to know how long he will last,” Jaworski said. “That’s the risk that’s inherent with bringing in a quarterback that’s been banged up throughout most of his career – and particularly the last three years.”


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