The mega-fight could soon be upon us.

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have reportedly agreed to square off in a boxing match, with the date to be announced in the coming weeks.

While fans may be stoked, is McGregor’s potential involvement in a boxing match good for the UFC?

You better believe it.

“Regardless of how he performs, if this fight does become an eventuality, I still think it’s a win for the UFC,” Fox Sports UFC play-by-play voice Jon Anik said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “Even if this thing is promoted poorly, I think you’re looking at 2.5 million Pay-Per-View buys, and you know it’s going to be promoted very well. So I think it’s a win for the UFC. Even these ongoing discussions are a win for the UFC. The fact that the biggest fight for Floyd Mayweather right now is a mixed martial artist who is 2-1 over his last three – that’s a win. So whether or not the fight comes together, I still think it’s probably 50/50 inching toward 60/40 that it will happen. But again, press is press, and it’s going to be good for the UFC if this thing does come together.”

McGregor, 28, is 21-3 with 18 knockouts, while Mayweather, who turns 40 later this month, is 49-0 with 26 knockouts.

Mayweather, it seems, has nothing to gain from this fight. Yes, 50-0 would be a nice round number, but losing to a mixed martial artist would tarnish his legacy.

“I totally agree,” Anik said. “I got into mixed martial arts as a boxing guy. So for Mayweather’s legacy, this would be catastrophic, I think, to lose to a mixed martial artist. I’m far less dismissive of Conor’s chances than some other people are. He not only has a puncher’s chance, but he can seize the complexion of this fight with a clash of heads, an incidental head-butt, a low blow to get Mayweather off of his game. You just never know what can happen, and for Mayweather to take that risk just for a pay day, it could be legacy-tarnishing. I just don’t see a lot of upside on the Mayweather side at all.”

In other news, Anik does not believe that Ronda Rousey, who lost back-to-back fights following a dominant 12-0 start to her career, will ever fight again.

“I don’t think so,” Anik said. “At this point, I don’t know how much there is to prove, and as the women’s game has evolved, there’s not an easy out in that top 10 at 135 pounds. So even if she would like to come back and get a relatively easy matchup and get a win, it’s easier said than done. I think she wants to be a mother. I think the door has closed for Ronda Rousey – and she certainly made a significant contribution – but her legacy is going to be part dominance and part disappointment. That’s just what she’s going to have to deal with.”


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