Kate Upton and Genie Bouchard dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Thursday to discuss the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, but first Bouchard had to field questions about her date with a guy she met on Twitter. Yes, a 20-year-old student at the University of Missouri asked Bouchard on a date via Twitter during the Super Bowl, and Bouchard said yes – but only if the Patriots overcame a 25-point deficit, which they did.

“I thought there was no chance that could happen,” Bouchard said on The Doug Gottlieb Show. “But then I tempted fate, and look what happened.”

Bouchard, 22, went out with her admirer on Wednesday. They went to a Nets/Bucks game. The Bucks won, 129-125, handing the Nets (9-47) their 14th straight loss.

“His name is John,” Bouchard said. “He’s very sweet. He’s a couple years younger than me, which made me feel a little cougar-ish, but it’s all good.”

Upton, meanwhile, was asked about some pretty direct tweets she fired off last November. Her fiancé, Justin Verlander, did not win the Cy Young – despite having the majority of first-place votes – and Upton was not happy about it. She tweeted, “Hey @MLB I thought I was the only person allowed to (bleep) @JustinVerlander.”

Two writers, somehow, didn’t even have Verlander on their ballots, which cost him the hardware.

“I was just really upset about the whole thing,” Upton said. “It wasn’t about who won or Justin should have won. It was more about the writers who didn’t vote for him at all. Especially a game that’s based off stats, to not have him in the top five – I get that different people favor different stats, but to not have him in the top five and to vote a week-and-a-half or a week before the end of (the) season (was wrong).”

Upton is on the SI swimsuit cover for the third time. Gottlieb wondered if Verlander would have taken to Twitter if Upton had been passed over for another model.

“I’m not sure what Justin would have done,” Upton said, laughing. “I had to write (my tweet) really quickly because I knew that he would tell me not to.”


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