The NBA trade deadline came and went yesterday with more of a whimper than they type of bang that was expected heading into the day. In the days and hours leading up to the deadline, rumors had flown about multiple superstars possibly changing teams as franchises in both conferences attempt to play catch up with the Cavaliers and Warriors.

However, that wasn’t the case. The biggest move of the day came when the Philadelphia 76ers sent center Nerlens Noel to Dallas in exchange for Andrew Bogut, guard/forward Justin Anderson and a top 18 protected first round pick. Nothing to go crazy about, which left many pundits surprised that no mega deals could be found.

“Yeah I was kind of surprised, it was very uneventful,” said CBS Sports college basketball analyst Brendan Haywood on CBS Sports Radio’s Doug Gottlieb show with Damon Amendolara filling in. “Especially with a lot of speculation that Jimmy Butler would be moved, possibly Paul George, you had a lot of big names. Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Carmelo Anthony. I thought at least one to two more of those guys would be moved and then maybe some smaller time guys that are still very good players like Jahlil Okafor or Wilson Chandler. I thought those guys could be involved as well, but, not much being done.”


While deadline day didn’t provide any fireworks, there were still a couple of trades featuring big-name players. The largest of which saw center DeMarcus Cousins get paired up with Anthony Davis in New Orleans after the Kings traded him there for guard Buddy Hield, forward Tyreke Evans and a first round pick. The two superstar bigs seem to form a formidable front court, but in today’s NBA in which team’s tend to play smaller lineups that feature multiple perimeter shooters, can this combination work?

“Yeah I definitely think it can work because those guys have very high skill sets and they can score from all over the court and they can play all over the court,” said Haywood. “Neither one of these guys is pigeon-holed. I remember when Detroit had Drummond and Monroe, it didn’t work because both of those guys are low post players, they need to be on the low block. They got in each others way. Well, these guys complement each other kind of like Tim Duncan and David Robinson did as Twin Towers, you could move those two all over the court. These guys (Cousins and Davis) have a different type of skill set because they go behind the three point line and DeMarcus Cousins, he averages four to five assists which is more than some point guards. DeMarcus Cousins averages just as many assists as Derek Rose and Kemba Walker. He’s very versatile in the fact that you can do a lot of high-low, pick-and-pop, and do a lot of different things with he and Anthony Davis.”


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