Joe Mixon was not invited to the NFL Combine, and Lions general manager Bob Quinn isn’t happy about it. Quinn said that it’s “really disappointing” that the NFL did not allow Mixon, who assaulted a woman in 2014, to showcase his skills for NFL teams at the Combine.

“(Quinn) said this is unfair to Joe, and what it actually is, it’s unfair to the teams,” Sports Illustrated NFL writer Jonathan Jones said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “It’s unfair to Bob Quinn. It’s unfair to the Detroit Lions, is what he actually means. The Combine is not the only place where Joe Mixon can interview for a job. The Detroit Lions, you can go to Oklahoma. You can go to meet him in California where he’s from and speak with him and interview him, and you can draft him in the third round, if you want. But the Combine is the job fair that happens in high school after lunch. Joe Mixon wasn’t invited to that. That is part of the privilege, and the mistake that he made two-plus years ago is keeping him from that. That’s a decision Joe Mixon made, not the Detroit Lions.”


Bob Stoops suspended Mixon for a year following the assault, but many people felt that wasn’t enough.

“There are consequences for your actions,” Jones said. “Oklahoma’s suspension obviously wasn’t enough, really by any standards, including Bob Stoops’ standard. He came out and said that later. So that (Mixon is) going to miss out on this job fair, okay, he’s still going to get drafted. He’s still going to be able to prove that he’s a top running back in this year’s draft.”

Jones also weighed in on Kirk Cousins, who was franchise-tagged by Washington on Tuesday. Cousins, who was franchise-tagged in 2016, will wind up making roughly $44 million over two years, and yet, his status for 2018 is uncertain.

Doug Gottlieb wonders if the Redskins will ultimately trade the 28-year-old to San Francisco.

“With (Colin) Kaepernick opting out, (the 49ers) don’t have a quarterback on their roster,” Jones said. “They are absolutely needy, and I don’t think a Matt Schaub is going to solve it for them. They could be a trade partner for Kirk Cousins, and obviously (Kyle) Shanahan has a relationship with Kirk. But this is something that we haven’t seen since at least the new CBA. (There is) so much leverage that a player has against a team once he’s franchised twice. Not only is it just any player, but it’s a quarterback.”

And a pretty darn good one, at that. Cousins has thrown for 9,000+ yards and accounted for 63 touchdowns (54 passing, nine rushing) to just 23 interceptions over the last two seasons.

“We know you cannot win in this league without a quarterback,” Jones said. “There are not 32 good quarterbacks in this league. There might be 16 good quarterbacks in this league, and Kirk Cousins happens to be one. Do I think he’s going to take you to the Super Bowl? No, but if you don’t have Kirk Cousins, Washington doesn’t win any more than five games last year or the year before. They know that. If they trade him, they absolutely have to get a quarterback and they won’t get one from San Francisco. So is it a possibility? Absolutely, but I just don’t see it happening unless they get a quarterback for Kirk Cousins – and no one’s trading away a good quarterback.”


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