When news broke that Tony Romo was leaving football for broadcasting, Ron Jaworski wasn’t stunned, but it definitely caught him off-guard.


“I won’t say (I was) entirely surprised because I really like Tony as a person and personality,” the ESPN NFL analyst said on CBS Sports Radio’s The Doug Gottlieb Show. “He’s a very articulate guy that I felt would have a future in the broadcast booth when his career ended. But to be truthful, I felt he had some gas left in the tank. And when you look at the National Football league as it is right now – bereft of a lot of talented quarterbacks – I thought Tony still had a place. So in that regard, I’m surprised that he didn’t go to the Houston Texans, the Denver Broncos, a team that (was) clearly in need of a championship-caliber quarterback.”

Instead, Romo, who turns 37 this month, has made the most consequential audible of his career, becoming the lead NFL analyst on CBS.

That gig will not be easy.

“Oh, it’ll be difficult,” Jaworski said. “At times, it will seem overwhelming for Tony Romo. I retired in 1990. I did every single task at ESPN. You name it, I did it. I’m not sure along the way I didn’t clean the bathrooms. I did everything from sideline reporter to anapest to studio to radio to fantasy football trying to get that experience, and it took me 17 years to get to the Monday Night Football booth, which I dearly enjoyed. It was an incredible experience, but it’s very difficult, and I think Tony will find that out. He clearly has the football acumen to be tremendous as an analyst and in the booth. But the dynamic of what happens, it will take some time.”

Interestingly, Romo’s decision doesn’t impact the team he left (Dallas) nearly as much as it impacts the team he perhaps almost went to (Houston). The Texans have the best defense in football and offensive weapons galore, but they have no quarterback.

That’s the general consensus, anyway.

“I like Tom Savage,” Jaworski said. “I think Tom has some upside, and if he doesn’t run a quarterback sneak and get a concussion, we might not even be having this conversation. I think Tom Savage does have some talent. I’ve watched that young man play in high school here in the Philadelphia area, so I know the type of skill set that he was. But quite honestly, there are a lot of teams in the National Football League that are in need of a consistent starting quarterback. There’s about 20 really good starting quarterbacks in this league, (but) there are 32 teams. So literally there are 12 teams still looking for that guy that they can count on. All NFL quarterbacks are talented – they have great talent – but they have to do it on a consistent basis. You may have to roll with Savage.”


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