By Bill Reiter

Here’s how I told my wife I’d landed my dream job with CBS Sports Radio and we were leaving LA for New York City: Utter silence. After the call came in, I walked into our kitchen and looked at her, trying to figure out how to break the news – that we were leaving LA, and that the reason was a job I’d always wanted. “Wow,” she said, before I spoke a word. “A radio show. New York.” What more was there to say? It’s a job that’s everything I’ve ever wanted – a radio show with CBS Sports Radio broadcast across the country. I’m thrilled. Excited. Ready to go. And eagerly looking forward each night to doing a sports talk show that’s candid, smart and funny, and that airs in and connects with many of the places that shaped me and my family — places like Dubuque, Iowa, where I grew up. Like Lima, Ohio, my wife’s hometown. Cities I’ve lived in my career like Miami, Little Rock, Kansas City and Des Moines and places all across the country I’ve traveled to as a sports writer and a broadcaster. We’re going to have a lot of fun on this show, and we invite you to come along, spend some time and be part of it.


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