Conor McGregor thinks he could beat Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match, but Shawn Porter isn’t so sure.

Actually, he is. Porter (26-2-1) thinks that McGregor has no idea what he could be getting himself into.

“I really do think he is full of himself for thinking that he can box with Floyd Mayweather,” Porter said on CBS Sports Radio’s Reiter Than You. “I think he has what every fighter has in the ring, which is a puncher’s chance, an opportunity to actually connect and knock someone out. But you’re going up against a guy who literally is known for having the greatest defense ever of any boxer. It’s a long-shot for him to get in the ring with Floyd Mayweather. There’s a lot of money involved, so I get it, and I plan to be in the stadium that night. I’ll try and enjoy it and have fun with it. I understand the motivation behind it, and what’s driving it is money and a lot of fame and all that kind of stuff. So I get it, but no, I don’t think he has a chance at all with Floyd Mayweather.”



Still, time, to be fair, catches up with every fighter, and Mayweather (49-0) turned 40 in February. McGregor, meanwhile, is 28 and in his physical prime.

Porter, 29, doesn’t think age would matter in this one.

“I think that outside of his personal life and the things that he does, when it comes to boxing, (Mayweather is) always ready and he’s always ready to do whatever it takes to beat an opponent unanimously – not just win a fight, but he does it hands down every time,” Porter said. “So I think he’s a special athlete to be able to do it whenever the time commands.”

Porter, by the way, is gearing up for a fight of his own. He’ll face Andre Berto (31-4) this Saturday at the Barclays Center. Porter said that “staying out of the way” of Berto’s upper-cut and “beating him to the punch” will be the keys to the fight.

“I understand he’s a very fast counter-puncher, so the game plan right there is just to be in and out,” Porter said. “From that point, we’ll box him and we’ll set up the power.”

Should Porter win, he’ll immediately turn his sights to Keith Thurman, who beat Porter by unanimous decision for the WBA welterweight title in June 2016.

“He’s the next thing on my mind – and for a lot of reasons,” Porter said. “After this fight here, I know I’m going after Keith Thurman right after.”


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