Lonzo Ball might be the best point-guard prospect in a generation, but it’s easy to forget that with his father dominating headlines – and almost always for the wrong reasons.

Will LaVar’s sideshow antics affect any of his sons? And Lonzo, in particular?

“We’re not talking about that, but it does have an effect,” FS1 NBA analyst Jim Jackson said on CBS Sports Radio’s Reiter Than You. “You’re always dealing with the questions about your father instead of the game. During an 82-game season, especially with Lonzo – depending on how well they do from the beginning – that can have somewhat of a mental effect. But Lonzo has done a great job, I think, of blocking a lot of that out and still playing his game, so his father did teach him something in regards to how to play the game, how to be a professional, to play the game the right way – so we got to give him credit about that.

“But what he’s doing now, I’m going to tell you this,” Jackson continued. “The camera is as addictive as any drug. Once you get a piece of that and you see what results and things that can happen from it, you see it all the time. That camera makes people act a different way. I see it no different with LaVar.”




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