Dallas Braden likes David Price. Thinks he’s a good dude. Has a good relationship with him.

But even he had a problem with Price’s treatment of Dennis Eckersley during a team flight to Toronto in June. Price, unhappy with Eckersley’s criticism of the Red Sox, tore into the 62-year-old Hall of Hamer and cussed him out.

Braden, who authored a perfect game in 2010, didn’t like it.

“There’s just no other way to slice it,” the Barstool Sports MLB analyst said on CBS Sports Radio’s Reiter Than You. “I’ve got a relationship with David Price. He’s a good dude. But that’s a bad look. There’s no other way to slice that. That’s a bad look. You don’t pee into the wind, you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, and you don’t spit in the face of a Hall of Famer. You don’t call out the HOF-er. That’s just not something you do.”



Especially Eckersley, who has a Cy Young Award, an AL MVP, and a World Series title on his resume.

“With his resume alone, he has earned the respect and admiration of anybody who turns on a baseball game on this earth, let alone in that clubhouse,” Braden said. “So if there was ever a point and time where you become the professional that you thought you were, that you wanted to be, you take him off to the side and you air your grievances in that manner.”

Perhaps Price challenged Eckersley publicly to rally his teammates, become the bullseye, and take pressure off of everyone else.


“There’s a lot of people who think that might have been the move as well,” Braden said. “So it’s interesting nonetheless how that’s going to shape out, how the communication is going to work out moving forward. But as far as the initial reaction, it left a very, very poor taste in my mouth because you’d like to think that somebody of Price’s caliber has an understanding and a respect for the game – and I know he does. I think it was just a lapse in judgment that hopefully that club can move past. Otherwise, you’d hate to see this be the cloud that looms over their inability to get anywhere further into the postseason.”


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