In 2010, Dan Wetzel wrote Death to the BCS, and a couple of years later, the BCS died. This week, he outlined how the College Football Playoff could improve. Time will tell if his suggestions will be implemented, but Wetzel believes reform is needed.

“The conference championship weekend is completely inefficient, (and it) is often meaningless,” the Yahoo! Sports columnist said on Reiter Than You. “We’ve had two straight Big Ten championship games where none of the participating teams made the playoff. We had a Pac-12 one this year. We’ve had years where Alabama didn’t have to play and they got in. Ohio State one year didn’t have to play and got in. The conference championship game is an old money-grab, and it was good for that. Now it is standing in the way of a bigger money-grab, which would be taking that weekend, eliminating the conference championships and replacing it with a quarterfinal played on campus.”



Under Wetzel’s model, the top eight teams would square off in the quarterfinals, with the top four teams getting a home game.

“You replace an inefficient, ineffective weekend where Oklahoma has basically a knockout game, but they’re playing No. 11 TCU,” Wetzel said, “and a team like Miami gets a second chance and they’re playing or Ohio State thinks they’re playing in a knockout game, but they actually weren’t So it’s really playoff reform.”

Wetzel believes this model – an eight-team format with first-round home games – would be a much better, more inclusive tournament.

“There’s more money, it’s better, higher ratings, better fan experience, more equitable – it’s more national,” he said. “We have a college football national playoff with three teams in the Southeast. It’s great if you’re in the Southeast. The rest of the country is not going to be as interested. If you want to have a national tournament, you need USC in this thing and you need someone from the Midwest. You just do.”


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