Bills' Locker Room After Bengals Win: “It was crazy. It was mayhem.”The Bills took care of business Sunday but still needed help to make the playoffs – and they got it from Andy Dalton and the Bengals
AJ Green Says Cardinals Loss Taught Bengals To Keep PoisedCincinnati Bengals WR discusses how the Cardinals loss helped his team.
A.J. Green: 'It's A Honor That They Have Two People On Me'Cincinnati Bengals WR discusses the team's opener against the Raiders and his QB Andy Dalton.
Mohamed Sanu: 'Need To Change How We Approach Things'Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver discusses the season and who wins Pats-Colts.
Jeremy Hill: 'Prepare Myself Like The No. 1 Guy'Cincinnati Bengals running back discusses his huge performance in a win over the Saints.
A.J. McCarron: 'I Had My Opinion, Coach Saban Has His'Cincinnati Bengals quarterback discusses his rookie season and his comments on Nick Saban.
Andy Dalton: 'Until I Win A Playoff Game, That's Going To Be The Knock On Me'Bengals quarterback discusses the early success for him and the team so far.

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